The food if pointed out 100,000 refugees invasion to Japan from North Korea the 1st 100 million

Death of Kim Jong Il, North Korea Kim Jong Il has an important meaning for Japan.Japan is not must be vigilant, it’s subversive activities by North Korean special forces that had infiltrated secretly from previous.

“For example, personnel of the North Korean side that had infiltrated the more Self-Defense Force base in could as a Japanese employee, if destroying the equipment, base is conceivable to cause fall into great confusion, a hindrance to strategy.The possibility of terrorist attacks against nuclear power plant, is naturally expected “(Ministry of Defense officials)

Looking at the nuclear power plant accident response, in the sweet crisis management in Japan, how much or damage comes into case of emergencies, spine gets cold to imagine.If these North Korea contingency is Okire, it’s a large amount of refugees that are reasonably foreseeable.Atsushi’s story Miyata of North Korea situation researcher.

“The number of refugees Unification of Korea expects Based on the contingency 2 million to 3 million people.Although there was a North Korean family that was shipwrecked in the boat in September, so that the refugees flock to Japan through sea routes.Even as it is if 100,000 people, take the 100 million yen one day alone food.

Shelters’s not enough at all, acceptance is if prolonged, huge financial burden, such as construction and living expenses of the assistance of temporary housing will occur.Furthermore operatives is slipped in among the refugees, there is also a risk that perform terrorism such as a cell is infected with biological weapons to refugees ”

As a contingency, it’s not may tomorrow, might be a few years away.EJ Lee of Kansai University Faculty of Economics professor that should be noted in the “one year later”.

“North Korea is next year, it becomes inward also in order to consolidate the power base, will support the Mokin Seion in the state of Bitter Enemies Aligned Together.China also place the top at the party convention of ’12 autumn, Xi Jinping also inevitably inward for the time being.However, if the story after one year is another. ”

※ Shukan Post January 2012 1 · the 6th issue