Suddenly attention in the movie starring! Japanese singer-Nishida MegumiRina, the first album popularity – Taiwan

December 25, 2011, Japanese singer-Nishida MegumiRina first album of that activity in Taiwan, is showing the popularity rank high on music content delivery site.NOWnews told.

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Nishida MegumiRina is, appeared to a maximum of topic movie this year in Taiwan “Sedekkubare (SaiIsaoKatsu-Tomoe莱)”.While starring scene is just also been noted in the wake of the movie, was released this month first album “afternoon Allowed 頌”.

By the music content delivery site “kkbox”, in the audition service of release just before 72 hours limited, and the high degree of attention you give to suddenly second place and third place in the first appearance.And are gaining popularity in ringtone download by mobile carriers 5 companies.

It’s Nishida you have appeared without going through the audition is to “Sedekkubare”, but will be acquired at a stretch profile in Taiwan, I would like to thank the way Dashon you have me appointed (Wei Te-Sheng) supervision, and you are talking about.The film is something that drew the “Wushe Incident” in 1930 of the anti-Japanese uprising incident but, Nishida who played the landlady of grocery, violently cursing the natives of women in the appearance scene.Looking back to this scene, it is said, “everyone was worried Do not you think it’s scary people me”.(Translation and editing / Mathilda)