Flat-screen large TV significantly drops! Finally 50-inch 140,000 yen table

Kato Silvia Ana of progress “even 50-inch 14 million units of flat-screen TV!”.According to the Nikkei newspaper article where the program will tell, I likely flat-screen large TV is this the end of the year, made more cheaply.The Toka Sharp 52 type and Panasonic 50-inch is I would buy in virtually 140,000 about 5000 yen.

Please contact one, Shirubi (blanking) It’s a suggestion that pre-but, “Okay, buy it” from the program commentator did not rise to the voice of the.

“I have one million yen when bought!” (Yuko Sports producer Sanya) Yuko Sanya sports producer because already have.To see the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup, that I bought a big TV over a period of about one million yen, this morning (December 27, 2011), are informed of the significant price erosion of market, a big shock.and “do not want to see, it.Next (the story), and went to “and instructions.

Monta Mino is or “50-inch presenter, All you need for this big? After such a big to buy gone, leaving gonna say myself Once where to sleep “and the folksy comments.