Reference value of carcinogenic mycotoxins beyond milk to market = Fujian largest manufacturers apology – China

December 26, 2011, China – Fujian largest dairy manufacturer “Chang Fu milk product” receives that mycotoxin with carcinogenic from the company’s product “aflatoxin M1” is detected, posted an apology on the official website was.NetEase Finance and Economics told.

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Along with the apology to consumers in apology, it had been marked “great shame of the industry since entering 13 years”.The company dairy production amount of one day exceed 600 tons, is the largest sales volume of the company in Fujian province.

The “aflatoxin M1” is detected, which was produced on October 18, it was greater than 80% of the reference value.Because you are already on the market, that the company immediately make the collection and disposal.

in quality inspection that China National Quality Supervision and Inspection and Quarantine General Administration (Shitsuken Directorate) was carried out in October, “aflatoxin M1” is detected in the two companies of the company and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of dairy manufacturers “Mengniu Milk Industry”.(Translation and editing / Uchiyama)