“Revival” in the local Nagoya in viewing rate target of Asada Mao-chan wonder I lined up in “Kaseifu no Mita” last times!

Mother, Masako-san at the sudden change of condition (age at death 48), December 10, 11 days (Japan time) to have been held in Canada-Quebec “Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final” Mao Asada was forced to miss (21).

Unfortunately, although mother, Masako-san became a people that does not come back early in the morning on the 9th, from the death of beloved mother, just two weeks.Mao played in “All Japan Championship” which was kicked off on the 23rd.Although it was women’s SP (short program) in the 2-position of the 24th, stunning reversal in the women’s free of the 25th.I played the first time in two years and five time champion.Lack of practice, this results in amid upset even some of the mental, but Cuckoo was confronted To vividly the strength of spirit forces of Mao.

By the way, the “All Japan Championship” viewing rate of (Fuji TV series) was found.Men’s SP (54 分 時 19 時 ~20) is 12.3% of the 23 (or less, all numbers Kanto district, average).Of the 24th Women’s SP (19 時 ~21 時 30 分 = Mao appearance) is 22.7%, boys free (21:30 to 23:10) is 19.6%.Girls free is 19:00 to 20:00 17.2% of the 25th, 20:00 to 21:55 (Mao appearance) is 26.7%.Of the 26th exhibition was 13.6%.

Now, if there in TV world, 20% of it is I can be hard to take the audience rating, more than that number very easily Mao indeed.Notably moment highest viewing rate at the time of performance of the 25th that victory took.The numbers Mao took 21 o’clock 36.9% in the Kanto district is phenomenal, Kansai district is 36.3%, and recorded a whopping 40.0% in local Nagoya district.

Viewership of broadcast television drama “Kaseifu no Mita” the final episode of the 21 days mark the 40.0% (Kanto district).This is because, in the history of Japanese TV drama, record numbers.Nonetheless local Nagoya, because he lined up with only one person Mao to that number, there is no choice but to admire the height of her national support.
(Ichiro Ochiai)