Shop increase station Naka ramen had bad image that you want to compete on taste

The storefront of the Tokyo Station “Tokyo ramen Street” is, all day, such as the columns of people to want to eat even wait an hour and a half followed, but ramen shop boom now “station Naka”.Therefore, we won the ramen about 20,000 cups around the country, I’ve heard about the current station ramen in Osaki Hiroshi’s ramen data bank representative director active in television and magazines.Below, but analysis of Osaki’s.

* * *
Speaking of station ramen, but convenience is good, taste is I not good enough for the store there were many, the last few years as “Tokyo ramen Street”, ramen shop compete on taste has been increasing.

We have established a lot of table seating, for example, adding a woman to staff, also station ramen shop unique women tourists and families have been devised so that it can be used freely.

For example, “Tokyo ramen Street” is, precisely because the location of Tokyo Station, you have chosen a shop set up the head office to place local people first stop over not Kudan and such Saginomiya.And the Deaeru in the middle of a trip to the taste of these well-established store is, it is the charm of the station ramen.

※ women Seven January 2012 5 · the 12th Issue