The truth Livedoor team is NG the original director talks about the “baseball back situation”

Kumagai Fumito Mr. Katsunori Kojima (left).Photo List smiling live and BLOGOS is send formed a tag, “Niko-sei × BLOGOS” 4th decided the acquisition of Yokohama Bay Stars, comes into view from DeNA uproar played a new entry in baseball “of baseball I was thinking about back situation “. 
Guests, Nippon Professional Baseball in Livedoor Phoenix in 2004 (below, NPB) when while the application of entry has also been rejected to join in, and Mr. Katsunori Kojima who had served as GM of Livedoor Phoenix, Livedoor Baseball former directors Fumito Mr. Kumagai of. 
7 years ago optimism and during baseball newcomers uproar of Livedoor, what exchange in the field that was want done?Why Rakuten is able to join in professional baseball, whether Livedoor in vain? 
The back of the lead in this time of turmoil DeNA “team newcomers uproar” is now clear!
Moderator: Kota Otani (BLOGOS editor-in-chief)
Announcer: Oguchi Eriko
Commentator: Shinichiro Suda (Economic journalist)
Guest: Katsunori Kojima (original Livedoor Phoenix GM)
    Kumagai Fumito (Ltd. Livedoor former directors)

 Movie a team model of profitable small: professional baseball restructuring problem that emerged in the wake of the merger of the Osaka Kintetsu Buffaloes and the Orix Blue Wave in 2004.In this case, I think I companies cited bid to new entrants was optimism and Livedoor.Owners meeting of result, new entrants are new entrants of optimism is determined not observed of Livedoor.I think I’m a mean was born now the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles.Kojima-san was the GM of Livedoor Phoenix at that time.By all means, I want to ask the Kojima-san and Mr. Kumagai, but so do you what you want me baseball team? 
Kojima: I want. 
Kumagai: I want. 
Retail: I’m was talking with the program staff today.But it is necessary money billions to have a baseball team.Resulting in either funds I had prepared how much? 
Kumagai: Because there was about that time 30 billion yen, I thought that we can with the money. 
Retail: 30 billion if available, but I also feel like good also use the money for other things as well not have a baseball team. 
Kumagai: Just, I think there is a great big value as advertising media advertising. 
Suda: No, just I.I think of that that time of professional baseball had steadily decline.Also I was no longer much broadcast on terrestrial.Many now sport, came out various content, for that professional baseball presence was subsidence.Of course, but there is name recognition, named Livedoor previously whether or not to purchase a baseball team, do not it was quite widespread? 
The Kumagai: I think not it.Will be given a bid to new entrants of professional baseball, do you think that it almost is those who know the company called for the first time “Livedoor”. 
Small: there is much the meaning? 
Kumagai: Yes you. 
Suda: Well, even in just raise your hand, do you not it was good? 
Kumagai: Just, we if seriously management, I was also confident that always be in surplus.So, I thought it was trying to do. 
Retail: You called Specifically, go something if this is? 
Kumagai: biggest cost is labor costs in team management, then I think I use fee of stadium is greater.And problem of whether there can be a much reduced.When referred to in the part of sales, I’m broadcasting rights was steadily drops of time, whether not you can plus alpha.It can be a delivery of the net, eating and drinking in the stadium, product sales.If we can face the team the bottom of the sales, I thought that it always can be profitable. 
Suda: Actually I, of operations and management professional baseball team I’m very simple.As you look at the part with the part of the expenditure of revenue, rather than complex ones.The called revenue, by admission revenue, such as ticket sales, the incoming broadcast fees from TV, when we look finely after, although there many such goods sold, I’m such about it for that revenue. 
The called On the other hand spending, fade away like the people expenses.Given the sort of thing, where a is compressed, go supposed to be that where what is going to increase, but it’m very and simple system. 
Otani: In terms of labor costs, even had a high salary players in players, if revenue is firmly, but it is that can be adjusted. 
Kumagai: I’m not even mean that if Soroere a high salary players team win.Not win Even giant.Now I was a season the lowest Even Yokohama, Speaking or Yokohama is not multiplied by the most labor costs, and I do not even so.What we were thinking at the time, I thought it was going to do a management that models the movie “Moneyball”. 
Retail: In that movie, it was a base percentage and that was most important to the acquisition of players. 
Kumagai: That’s right.All the players ability to quantify, in the middle, but his kick went wide monetary value that has the original players, but it I thought it was going to do business based on it. 
Suda: If you think the contrary, management, because the management of the way is is simple, yet I have extremely large broadcast rights fees in seasonal part.In addition only broadcast rights fee of Giants.So, if you say in that sense, why Yomiuri Giants are not the only big face any?Is Why can selfishly love only there Nabetsune?So, is why there is a team management structure that depends on the Giants.So, when the come out teams such as “by Giants is a good” as Mr. Kumagai said, for the Giants, but it I become like a revolt molecules situation.