Rear-end collision in flames on the highway, BMW12 units of trailer loading is gutted = Sichuan

Beijing – connecting Kunming (Yunnan Province) in the vicinity of Sichuan Guangyuan of “G5 Beijing-Kunming Expressway” is, around midnight on the 28th morning, four such as trailers for new car transport in flames by the pileup.Although injured there was no, luxury car of Germany that had been loaded on the trailer by accident, in addition to such BMW12 cars were burned down, congestion 20 km has occurred.China News Service has reported.

According to the local firefighters who hit the fire fighting, it is around 22 minutes at 12 the 28th morning have received a report of a fire in highway.That in the morning around 1:00 you have arrived at the scene, the accident vehicle is red people and kindling, black smoke and the strange smell hung over is around, had a growing danger of explosion.

Fire is being extinguished in about two hours, was not injured, BMW12 units which has been loaded on the trailer gutted.In addition, congestion 20 km occurs due to fire.The cause of the accident under investigation, it is not known so far.(Editors: Qingtian Road)