Ace reporter roundtable This is the back of the 2011 entertainment scandal (1)

A for example, (wide show entertainment responsible desk) the Great East Japan Earthquake to Shimada Shinsuke retirement uproar, traumatic event was really a lot this which society has fallen into chaos, I wonder if not it was a good opportunity to reconsider what’s possible in showbiz again.

D (sports newspaper reporter) that sense Well, I’m iconic be most break the talent this year was a child actor of Mana Ashida.After all, the entertainment industry I guess that mean reflect mirror of the times.

But B (evening newspaper reporter), hold also publishing rights of “curl-Morimori” to break the background that there was a fierce push “of the entertainment world don” is, it is a famous story in the industry.The second piece of Fuku Suzuki who had formed a duo in the CD has become disconnected and solo also’m not a “adult situations”, interest structure of the sides’m mon usual harsh (laughs).

I C (women’s magazine reporter) Ashida has become New Year also pulling on television Dako, in the future from now becomes to worry.Though Nozomi Ohashi you have the world by storm in Ponyo had reportedly suspended the entertainment activities this year, officials of Ashida is I want you to firmly guard.

D K-POP bias that was established completely in Japanese entertainment industry in its Ashida diametrically professional style and.”Girls”, “KARA”, “Dong Bang Shin Ki”, I was sweeping the entertainment industry as the “BIGBANG”, such as division and independent uproar over the contract and guarantee it was interesting to have been one after another in this short period of time.

A “KARA” had become the commotion that four members of the lodge the contract termination on the grounds of “personality negative and emotional distress” by office.And I was back to the original sheath by settlement ultimately, on the back of independent uproar it has also been said that Korean producer had been behind the scenes.

I from C Korean showbiz enough of terrible working conditions are referred to as “contract slavery” is often.Still’m as there remains a culture such as lower body entertainment, if it’s members to shock if also there was such a thing of “KARA”.

Even B, similar to trouble is happening also in male group, the biggest reason is still probably gold.Is something “Dong Bang Shin Ki” was at odds with South Korea belongs offices and court from previous typical, even since the beginning of this year, the confusion such as Avex put pressure on Japan tour of independent three unit was “JYJ” I have followed the.

Speaking A so was also strange incident that members · G-DRAGON is caught in South Korea as a “smoked cannabis in Japan Club” (prosecution grace) of “BIGBANG”.And though nor found red-handed, it’s why inexplicable including Maybe information of Japan was introduced to Korea.

D Actually, the that of Japan got the cannabis club, because I shop for related group that became famous in Ebizo beating.It is solely whether not it was fitted.”BIGBANG” also seems to have had a contract problem, I have this is also referred to as the management of fear Japanese side that surfaced was leaked to obtain the information.

C anyway, to would K-POP boom to compete three sets to NHK red and white of this year continue in the next year, it is still likely to be trouble interests conflict also including in Japan.

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