Defectors of the information part born a basis to deny “Kim Jong Il assassination theory” is commentary

North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, which is to have sudden death in the train on the move to December 17 8:30.Cause of death was announced that acute myocardial infarction, wonder said receiving face value.

In North Korea’s official announcement, coincidentally since the death location is within the same train as the 2004 train bombing terrorist attacks, is in Korea has been whispered the assassination theory.The December 20 date of Dong-A Ilbo presents a doubt “the most questionable of remains that died in the train”, is understood that physical condition of bad Kim Jong Il has continued to local leadership to move the country by train you have to be difficult to.Posted a assassination theory and everyday economy of the same date also “there is a possibility that has been killing someone.”.

Of course, there is also a voice to deny these assassination theory.For example, Masanaru Lee of defectors in the information section of the Korean People’s Army born north (a pseudonym) has replied to this magazine interview.

“The on Kim Jong Il is imminent is dying is clear to everyone, I do not think it is trying to assassinate across the bother dangerous bridge.Still assassination suspicion arises because, talk that of North Korea “dead in the train” is because a lie.In Kim Jong Il is “nocturnal”, it is not active in the morning.Can not be considered first, such as the local leadership in sub-zero morning to bad physical condition.Has been confirmed that the train is not moving at the satellite photograph ”

Since you say that it died in hospital image is bad for people, just decided to dead in local leadership, and Lee pointed out.

But the assassination theory is talked about every time the leader is lost, so is system of dictatorship of North Korea, even think seemingly strong, I am always in the proof of that are having the kind of outbursts therein.

Dictator can not get away from the fear of fate basis assassination.Gold Seion to take over the top spot of dictatorship is, will be also daily to frightened to “hatred and assassination of chain” to the gold clan that has been passed from grandfather to father, will take over in the same way.

※ SAPIO2012 years January 11, the 18th issue