Sony downgrades also scuffle, and also short term increases the Catalyst many degree of attention

Sony scuffle.Mitsubishi UFJ In the investment decisions from “outperform”, “two
The downgraded to ~Yutoraru “, also price target are pulled to 1966 yen to 1500 yen.Liquid crystal television
Of the effects of structural reforms, to downward revision this term earnings forecast.Elimination of the joint venture with Samsung Electronics
Asset revaluation also reflect such as associated with, 800 from surplus of 140 billion yen of the current fiscal year operating income forecast conventional billion
You have a deficit of circle.Surplus of the current plan is 20 billion yen of the company.

It should be noted that in Merrill Lynch (ML) investment decisions “underperform” while continuing, short-term
The announced at CES (consumer electronics trade fair), such as further business portfolio review Cathar
pattern strike (variable factors) are many, have pointed out that attention is enhanced.