[From Asia! In Breaking News] more than 200 people of women meeting.Murderer is topic that has been likened to Mote man of Wuxia.(China)

2007, a man was at that time 19 years old, has occurred incident to kill the new dating partner of women who had been previously dating.The man was surrender the end of the 28-day escape, video and then tell you that woman more than 200 people visited the man of the meeting has become a hot topic been reported.However, the video that fuss the world four years ago is referred to as “modern Wei treasure”, why again on the net now that has become a hot topic.

Wei treasure Wuxia of Jin Yong and in the “Duke of Mount Deer”, I is a person who has been portrayed as Mote man got seven of wife.The incident, a man I think is not Tachikire of previous dating to the 11-year-old older woman had, jealousy is as it was sincerely killed stab a woman’s new lover with a knife, the man after the appearance, for the motive for the killing ” I think the possessiveness was too strong, he said that it “regrets.

However, it seems women close relationship other than female victims had any person to man.After man of surrender, I can imagine the first time liked the guy from the fact that the woman claiming to be lover and friends visited to meet than 200 people was considerable.Man the Internet is a hobby, if they have spare time that was always exchange on the net.The police investigated, I have found that most of the women who visited the meeting is the man I met on the net.

The picture mentioned above, how the five women visited the meeting has been mirrored.Even the figure of women who tell weeping to be “because waiting” during.Without even the things the murder and multiple dating, many Internet users in women who continue to think the man is puzzled.
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