Everyone smile, Americans 94 years old who delivered gifts to rural this year to “Santa grandmother”.

Unlike Japan, where Christmas is established every year as annual events, culture to celebrate Christmas in China is not penetrate far, except for some areas, such as urban areas, it is not the same as usual, quietly and the time not a few town to spend.In such China, there are over of more than a decade long time, the 94-year-old has delivered gift presents to children of rural is dressed as Santa Claus Americans.Thanks to her, up with a jerk is awareness of Christmas in the land of activities, children’s right now wait to look forward to the day.

According to the China media Hitoshi 魯網, this rural Shandong Liaocheng is the “Santa grandmother” is active.Every year when it comes to the Christmas season, “Santa grandmother” is not a reindeer, and put a lot of gifts to the sled that was drawn donkey, are delivered gift a smile and gifts to children in rural areas.

94-year-old “Santa grandmother” is, Eunice’s US nationality of 1917 born.She was born and raised from the relationship parents had been missionaries in China, but once he returned to the United States at the age of 13, has again returned to China at the time of the 80-year-old.It because was carrying a special attachment to the city where he spent his childhood, since, Mr. Yunis has sent a daily that while living in Liaocheng, and diligently in various charitable activities let not enthusiasm to feel the elderly.

She is not a gift never expensive memorabilia to be prepared to children every year (notes and crayons this year), but still children always delight.In rural schools who visited this year, Eunice’s at the same time teaching the end of the chime rings is surrounded to quickly many children, a lot of Christmas cards that picture and message as “to thank” was written is handed from children was.Also Yunis, who exchange a hug each other, also a all Manmen smile children.

Otherwise before you start these activities, this to children of the city not been established mono itself that Christmas was a day to spend very, very normal.However, Mr. Yunis every year raises the visibility gradually from the fact that they deliver gift gifts by Santa’s looking, a completely arrival of Christmas is now, and now look forward to visit the “Santa grandmother”.That for children, Christmas has become a very important event in the same way as New Year.

Yunis Mr. “(here) Christmas of the music, Christmas tree also, no Christmas party.But a lot of people gather, thus if there is truly celebrate feeling the Christmas, here Christmas is or would say Nante “uninteresting”?I says “.You can A~tsu gift gifts with lovers, but one of the Christmas fun also be or fuss at a party, What are more important than in these events, first thing to dress share the opponent and joy.that next year “Santa grandmother” is they deliver a smile to children, sincerely I hope.