Continuous murder suspect of the rough woman habit

This year June 10, on the streets of Chiba Prefecture Sakura City, construction worker of Kuwayama Akinorihan’s (21) has been found dead incident.Chiba prefectural police initially had been investigation in hit-and-run and corpse abandonment charges, the incident me five menstruation from the occurrence turn, was developed into a serial murder case. Kuwayama san see that it was run over in front of his house from the body discovery location away about 6 km, police are indexing the car that was used in the crime from left behind of the scene, the owner (Akimoto Seiichi defendant = 42, female arrested in injury cases against, be prosecuted to identify the current trial).Akimoto defendant whereas examined, “he splashed the Kuwayama’s.The bad and threw the body is thought to another location “, was confessed. But the day before the accident, Ms. Shigeko Yuri had been dating and Akimoto defendant (25), at the end of the spoke in the family and the mobile phone had gone missing.Showed that pursue Akimoto defendant about this, and died in collapsed suddenly when you were walking “together.Was admitted was discarded was “thing in the forest, thinking that the suspected.And confession as expected, this month in the forest of Chiba Wakaba-ku, skeletonized was Yuri’s body seemed to have been discovered mid. “Yuri’s has become invisible figure from June 8, the Mr. Kuwayama was run over is the 9th.And Kuwayama’s has no while run over the wound stood, after being knocked down beat, seems to have been run over, such as the three or four times the chest in a state of lying.Look in time, Mr. Kuwayama is witnessed the body’s Yuri, as Akimoto defendant was Hikikoroshi by car in order to conceal this police is watching “(local press) Akimoto defendant wife and two children of 4 people living.And that it had been self-employed automobile dismantling industry, was wildly’s reputation in the neighborhood. “In the past, you can ask for help gone out from the young naked women’s Akimoto of office, also have the second floor veranda railing woman who was screaming and hanging just camisole in the.He behavior is dirty way, according to the all’m was looking to suspense “(nearby residents) investigation officials, it is seen as Mr. Yuri was also killed in Akimoto defendant of hand in some way, with the aim of full picture elucidation that are.