2011 to see the number of suicides

Sankei Shimbun of December 7 has set a heading of the “’14 expected to more than suicide 30 000 people in a row.”.According to the National Police Agency of statistics number of suicides until November 28 391 people (the same month in the previous year 874 people down), and “When transitioning to this state, number of suicides of year 1998 and later, of continuous ’14 30 000 it was reported that it is likely to be more than human. “.    I think this heading that’s misleading.Consider the fact that has been reported is, rather, that we should read the modest hope.Because, even though this was about terrible year, because it is likely to reduce the number of suicides.    According to the National Police Agency of statistics, number of suicides in Japan has remained between 32 863 personality, 35,000 people from then 31,000 people and increased last year from 8400 or more people in 1998.In particular, in 2003 and later repeated up and down every year, in 2010 it became 31 690 people and less than 1155 people a year.The number of suicides of this year if you go in the “order” is should increase, if, if number of suicides of this year in December is assumed to the same 2425 people with the same month last year, suicide total number of 2011 is 30 000 Become a 0816 people, less 874 people from the previous year.    This is, since the number of suicides in Japan is more than 30 000 person-years, it is the lowest number, and, for the first time in 2003 or later, I mean that it has decreased in the second consecutive year.Again, even though this was more severe year, is.    motivation that I thought let’s examine the number of suicides, compared to two years ago, it is because I felt that was reduced air that was the end of the year of bloody.Although the end of last year I do not know because I was in the hospital, at the end of the year of up to two years ago is, even though I saw a fight on the train and the station always, I had not seen this year.Commuter train also, I think, as had drifted somehow strained atmosphere at the end of the year, it also did not feel this year.    Of course, and only this much of statistics, in the hyper-local skin sensation, nor is it enough to say what the.Suicide number of earthquake victims, but rather, do not may increase next year, the Japanese economy and the world economy, may further downturn next year.Japanese, may have been accustomed to hope defunct daily.I myself, even is said to Put your reason for next year will be better than this year, not mentioned at all.However, I think number of suicides in the first time in seven years, the fact that decreased for two consecutive years, the number of people who lose hope, and then you meaning that the reduced, the thing is, whether not surprisingly important.    We socializing your one year in this blog, thank you.Next year everyone is, so you be a good year than this year.