Caveat! “We Do not expect any change” – North Korea National Defense Commission

December 30, 2011, according to North Korea’s Korean Central News Agency, Inc., North Korea National Defense Commission, because the South Korean government has committed a mortal sin in mourning of North Korea, North Korea be in contact with forever Lee Myung-bak administration I declared that there is no.China newspaper network told.

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According to the article, North Korea National Defense Commission, as was committed “anti-national high treason not the way crime” during the period in which the entire North Korea is subject to mourning, announced the condemnation statement against South Korea.Among them, making contact with Myung Lee administration was also declared impossible forever.

Furthermore, in the same statement, also not occur “sudden turn of events” also “upset of regime” in North Korea, and warned that “We should not expect any change”.Korea Yonhap News, the National Defense Commission, the highest decision-making period of North Korea is a statement as the Committee pointed out that unusual in exceptional.The situation on the Korean Peninsula was analyzed and it would be difficult to see the improvement over a long period of time future.(Translation and editing / Tsuno tail)