Wary of illegal labor of additional charge = sex Miss in Chinese women of Dubai tour – China paper

December 29, 2011, according to the Beijing 晨報, that the United Arab Emirates with over global tourist destination Dubai visit also many Chinese tourists, but is taken strange additional charge only young women.

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Society of high interest popular picture book writer to issue Zheng 渊潔 (John Yuenjie) Mr. mentioned in this issue in the micro-blog.And that the 30-year-old following single woman is when you try to get the United Arab Emirates visa, will require an additional fee of 400 yuan (about ¥ 4910).Visit as travelers, but due to the fact engaged woman often in prostitution industry.

Beijing some travel agency that received the coverage of 晨報 is, Zheng’s tweet was deemed almost fact.35-year-old women below (Single, regardless married) in the company and that from that collect 400 yuan of additional charge.Because if the travelers had committed crimes such as prostitution and theft, for huge fines are imposed on a company that was on behalf of the visa.400 yuan is positioned as insurance, it was revealed that it is funded for sanctions payment.(Translation and editing / KT)