I just no longer a “season of Sakura”!? Hidden in the marriage news of Aya Ueto “adult circumstances”

Auspicious New Year of the dawn! Only to New Year’s Day early with, marriage coverage of Ueto Aya and EXILE leader HIRO actress has been scoop on some sports newspaper.That Ueto is to convey the intention of marriage to her mother and close friends, was also reported to the agency as “I want to get married to around Spring”.Starting with familiar Softbank, Ueto of CM queen of counting the contract 14 companies.Adjust the schedule to prospect the April of the new year, it was reported that it submit the marriage registration.

However, is completely denied both of office “nothing has been decided at the moment,” “surprised a complete skip (article)” after.Whether to get married? Do not you? In only two of the super-celebrity, it would be situations in which it is allowed to fret and even not fan.

“It Ueto is CM queen of the entertainment world leading, there is a possibility to delay the marriage to reverse.Normally, if the talent that has been appointed as the CM is to get married, do the behind-the-scenes work of contractual relationship to such corporate sponsors ahead.It is is to announce to the press after the rock-solid, but report to the family and friends had been reported this time ahead.Since the order of the set-up has become in reverse, of course, I’m context of office side negative inevitable “(entertainment writer)

Ueto and HIRO is begins dating from around summer of 2010, the relationship is about one and a half years.Ueto Tell a mother the HIRO as soon as they began dating.You are the mother is totally liked the “humble and manly man” and was revealed around the polite form is not decorated.Then it seems the relationship with the parent, such as going out to eat at three good.Such as the also like acknowledge the companionship at a press conference remarks Ueto, not going to hide the ardent love the first time in.Even if married, will be too late fan away not concern.That marriage will affect the subsequent popularity and activities, rather than be a so-called idle, is imagine figure that is blessed with rather “Congratulations mood” perfect score.

“There will be Ueto as also important partners of status as long as it is a popular personality, and is a leader of the national popular group, and HIRO, which is also the office president, it would be no perfect even as marriage partner.Encounter and more than 10 years ago before Ueto to debut, but it is beautiful as well as story.If familiar with the marriage, do you think that it gives a good impact on the entertainment activities of each other in a synergistic effect.Ueto I hear and refused to have received an offer in the heroine of the January start drama.It would be nice to see that you save the work towards marriage.And, this time, will be the worry of that Suponichi’s single scoop.Past also Ebihara Yuri and lip slime of ILMARI, and since has been providing such an early Mizushima Hiro and Ayaka of marriage story.In other words, had progressed already specific talk of marriage between two families, because the article before was gone out than prearranged to such sponsorship, and forced to put off.It is likely to become a kind of flow “(same)

To begin with, it is customary to negative office side first when ardent love and marriage news came out.In recent years, when Aki Hoshino has been reported that “to marry in March 2011”, the office side is negative.After all, Hoshino was married in September of there from “six months delay”.Although not forced rewritten the script that had been drawn initially “season to marriage of Sakura”, or would not than big news is coming into season not far.It’s likely to be more and more eyes off from Big couple of 16-year-old difference.
(Statement = Tomoyuki Kojima)

* Image: “Aya Ueto 20, 25” Kadokawa marketing

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