[From Asia! Breaking News “was raped by ghost” police women of the damage report is accepted.(Taiwan)

Night of New Year’s Eve, incidents women sue rush rape to the police has occurred.because the women were accused as “raped by a ghost while you are sleeping”, and that police women thought that joking.However, women I was accepted because sue damage stubbornly.

Women (46 years) living had complained of a rape victim in New Taipei, for police “ghost is dressed like Mage, was stuck me with the way” to speak with.Furthermore, when women finished talking, I hear begged caught “lust demon”.The police was taken aback, was carried out inspection and took a woman to the hospital.

When we arrived to the hospital woman doctor, explained that such as “after being raped is lower body is swollen red”.However, the physician is determined to be “spoken unfounded”.That the police investigate, this woman had a report similar to last year in November.However, since it is not possible to reject the damage report and has been processed in accordance with the sexual assault damage Manual.
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