Chinese single women, it must have the “Anti-Prostitution expenses” in Dubai tourism? To discussion

The other day on the Chinese net, “Chinese single women to apply for Dubai tourism Arab Emirates, will be charged the cost of several thousand yen for prostitution prevention” information and has become a discussion flows.China newspaper network the 3rd, conveyed the comments of Dubai Tourism Bureau that “selfish act by no travel agency of qualities”.

Against China domestic net public opinion that it is assumed that “remember the anger the way of Dubai”, China office of Dubai Tourism Bureau recently announced that the official statement of the not due to the instructions of the authorities.In addition, on the mini-blog in two days “problem to claim a lot of visa application fee to 30 under the age of single women, but selfish act of travel agencies that lack the qualities” I issued a comment with.

According to some industry participants, certainly the case for staying off the tour in the last few years has occurred, that travel companies are especially paying attention.In particular, when the possibility of being denied a visa is high single women to apply for a secondary visa, travel companies have claimed plus because of the need to find a guarantor in the field in the name of “charge for one’s labor”, that seems to be the reality is.

Article, on the net “claim such a humiliating” While tell that were received one after another voice called, “the high single women of visa rejection rate is not the only Dubai.Italy, such as 30-year-old following single woman with no foreign travel experience was a “be rejected more than 90%.

And, “First of all be given a leave record by selecting the visa application easy to countries, such as Thailand.And do not go by one person, and introduced the advice of industry stakeholders of the best “to go along with friends for me to become a guarantor.(Editors: Toshiyuki Yanagawa)