The point of view of NY: China or able to save from the crisis of Greece default

British Financial paper dated 25 May, and Europe “China to buy Europe bail-out bond China
In an article with the “to buy the state aid bonds, Les, who is responsible for the European Financial Stability Fund (EFSF)
The purchase of government bonds in Portugal bid to be implemented next month the Chinese government as saying Mr. Glynn
Was reported to have shown that it is showing a strong desire.

Asian investors and looking for a new investment destination in the diversification of foreign exchange reserves, optimistic outlook
I shows the.

Leaders the European Central Bank (ECB) and the European high-debt purchase of bonds of high-debt countries by China
And we expect to be able to turn around the negative sentiment in the market for country

Portugal support measures that have been recently received, EFSF is No. 2 with the aim of funding of € 5,000,000,000
They are believed to be in the middle of June the bid of eye.

However, China has held the government bonds of Greece and Portugal of the size of the already quite.
And that the economic growth pace has slowed even China itself, shape the debt problems in Europe is getting worse
In 況下, view more skeptical China to whether to continue the bond purchase of high-debt countries really

The Yunker and the euro group chairman, International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan to Greece next month
Because it was pointed out the possibility to suspend the payment of funds, a Greek default (non-debt footwear
Line) concern relapsed.Provisions on, IMF is financial only if there is a refinancing guarantee of 12 months
That it is not possible to carry out capital.

7 Beshi is (a derivative that guarantees failure) credit default swap CDS of Greece
Became the 1424 access point to expansion.This level indicates the probability of default of 69%

Euro dollar, milestone der and psychological $ 1.4039 level is the lower limit of the cloud of equilibrium table glance
It means that spur up for sale to be crowded allocate $ 1.4000 Ru.