Why Nozomi Tsuji, “” punishment “husband-Sugiura sun as entertainer” …

“Today By say papa go fishing! Morning Kara had something a slapstick Preparation” original “Morning Musume.Blog of Tsuji Nozomi is January 4th of (2012) “, has posted a photo of” papa “Son and husband-Taiyo Sugiura.But at the end of the photos, “laughs by Tsuji.Characters “.The reason is that,

“Sense of the problem of Etto~tsu clothes …” Certainly, thick and clad the figure I do in preparation for the cold is hard to say that the “fashionable”.Face to bonus is hidden altogether in sunglasses and a mask.

That was settled story of a married couple in a place called “And once … × as entertainer what ~Yori … suspiciously too lol” and “Do Attakakere if ~I~i of (Na)” after all.