Dave Okubo and “Ohoshi return glare and preaching was good guts”

In Seibu coach era of 2008, such as acts of violence to players accused, Okubo Dave that has been notified the dismissal is, appointed to optimism Hitting coach from 2012.Why Okubo, what was going to again shall I put the uniform on too much just one year from dismissal? Takagawa warlords Mr. Lupo writer has followed.

* * *
Dave and the thought tries to cut off baseball and edge, the thing of summer 2010.July 22, suddenly from Seibu team, it is called.and “What would, I wonder if because two army weak also be asked in supervision”.And had been waiting for Dave that was toward the team office in such a light tone, it was something that it can be said that a bolt from the blue.Home confinement instructions Hitting coach dismissal and the time being.

The thing to avoid is already able to spell the detail history since has been reported largely in such weekly magazine and sports paper but, as is the fact that the team was announced, guidance for joining or not even Yusei Kikuchi at the 1-position draft had gone too far wanted was.Dave has been described as trying to solve the misunderstanding, from the team is notified one week later, the dismissal.

Against Ohoshi the nightlife had only though can not even pitching practice in failure from the beginning season, Dave was noted several times.

I was discourage the winner in the “thing I also own.You have a name.If you bother to team, and suffer is I do you a.The Tteyuu professional, with a Japanese sword, I’m the same world as the Kiriau seriously ”

But, against Ohoshi you took a defiant attitude to such advice, and sit grabbed Munagura, was that it was a strictly sermon.Dave look back.

“I can think it’s family, I do have contact with it thinking it’s son.This child, I do not know whether pitching or life, it does not change if you do not hit yourself, I was think such a waste.

But, come to be staring at, in quiet players is large, I thought even as Na is this guy good guts.Nothing of Uramitsurami to Ohoshi.However, it is never, … and will be fired. ”

※ Shukan Post 2012, January 13, & 20th issue