Actress who had take off your clothes suddenly in the live New Year’s Eve CNN

Last year’s New Year’s Eve.Annual annual countdown event has been performed in Times Square in New York.

2011 spill-Porori! Sexy News Top 10

News channel CNN is broadcasting and Anderson Cooper of popular signboard caster, a special program a comedy actress Kathy Griffin to host, known for appearances, such as foreign drama “Hello! Susan”.The state of the venue I was live.

After Lady Gaga performance has been carried out at the venue, once it enters into commercial, the incident happened when you return to again program.

Cathy that was inspired by Lady Gaga, suddenly undress, he upper body became a figure of only black bra.

This was not the only laugh also wit’s end Anderson.

[Video] actress to become only to suddenly bra during the live broadcast of the news channel

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