Sony “& quot; Shukatsu & quot; Let’s change the rules” is to be admired and innovative

  “A” Shukatsu “rules to change it” is a hot topic
2013 new graduates of the site of Sony Corporation has become a hot topic on the net.

It begins with an exciting big heading “” Shukatsu “trying to change the rules.”.”Sony, can not help seeking the essence, intense sense of purpose.As a result, can be different and human.It produce a new value.Sony, have been sent off to the world a new commodity doing so. ”

exerts a personality “is each and every shining, I want you to honestly express myself.(Snip) precisely because there are a variety of human resources, I think innovation is born. ”

Description of evaluating gap year
When do the eye to the other page, characters such as “to change the selection style that fits the type,” “diversity create new products and services,” “freedom of dress” is dance.And proceeds to the next page and do not be easily fooled.

Because it is important but little long quote, follow the true to the original.”Freedom of occupation.Freedom of life selection.In the page that begins with the heading of “does not ride the rails of” Without labeled student, “Shukatsu”.In order to continue the “Shukatsu”, and go on to employment grade repetition and graduate.When an attempt is made to obtain the freedom to choose a job, life choices becomes narrow.Or would not be putting the cart before the horse in this?”

In exactly as that, I think that it was wanted noticed earlier in the major companies.And then whopping of gap year essence has been described.

Utmost to study the “student, fun, think about the way to go in life in my head.After graduating from the school, and to study in foreign universities, entrepreneurs to, to experience the intern with foreign companies, to help the family business, to travel the world, life choices are endless. ”
Though, it’s recommended for gap year.

I evaluate the “warrior training” after graduating from university
Collectively “Sony, I believe Once meet with people that come a variety of choices.In the new graduates, and intended for users who are within students and graduate after three years in school.The presence or absence of work experience does not matter.Warrior training after graduation, I will welcome ”

In other words, I graduated last year of March, or going to the intern to volunteer and limitations settlements in the affected areas as gap year, and even if you have language study abroad, less than last school graduation after three years at the time in 2013 the end of March If you’re running of, it is possible to entry.

Are not to be in any way “pie in the sky”
By posting to BLOGOS to New Year’s Day, I called a very echo “containing the gap year in basic strategy of Japan play!” And wrote, too, is repeated again.

“” Production “is, of representative Keidanren is specified in the” global human resources recommendations “of the June 16 importance of gap year.Without having to “pie in the sky”, I want to penetrate down to the each end corporate HR Officer, recruiters.In addition, in compliance also other major economic organizations, the follow-up of the point that has changed also it’s necessary. ”

Profile publication of adopters “corporate social responsibility”
This declaration that “Let’s change the job hunting rules” of Sony, to evaluate the diversity of gap year, and are intended to encourage a lot of young people, I want to praise.Also to other large companies, there is the impact of changing the like Ali of evaluation system of stereotypes human resources as in the conventional Kintaroame.That’s why, in fact what the background or was adopted personnel with, I want you to come published in a range that does not matter to personal information.When I close, eventually adopted the University are as conventional, home returnable in Secondary school graduates When Watch well, than had just students of all straight not to pun.When a large declared so far, profile publication of the recruits would be a kind of “corporate social responsibility”.It is, press the back of underclassman of college, become a power source to the bold challenge.

Sony’s “university of entrepreneurship” recommended should be evaluated, adopted personnel reform Watch a serious
Finally, the should not be overlooked in the “Job Hunting change declaration” of this Sony is that you are evaluating the “entrepreneurial”.So to speak, to read, even with college students is recommended that the launch Corporation and NPO and Associations and foundations.Future of enterprise than it Ya that protect to extend the existing business, especially in the BOP market, to find the new horizons, or it should become focus to break open the market.Do Sony is not than be praised “entrepreneurial” attitude that has approved up of college students.Sony has a high foreign capital ratio, no longer a simple Japanese companies, top’s Mr. Howard Stringer, Chairman, CEO and President.Employed is “investment” is not supposed to top does not sense such innovative employed personnel reform.So, I’m watching a serious.

Many Japanese, when the iPod or iPhone has been launched, was associative Sony has once sweeping the world the “Walkman”.Why not “Sony”.The cause great innovation in the wake of this new talent evaluation declaration, I want you to bring that elation again in Japan.

※ “2013 Recruiting Site” Sony