Talented music producer you ate the tilt of the Cross …… Uchishiba incident named “quasi-rape”

The end of last year, was shocked to enthusiastic clubbers and music parties, but news of quasi-rape suspect arrested in the music producer Shinichi Osawa maker numerous works of Namie Amuro from prominent artists.According to the report, Osawa last year in November, complained that “If you do not the suppliers of the other company collapses” to women who work in the management company, quasi-rape that instruction molested with men of business partners to women I was arrested in Nokata station on suspicion.

Osawa completely deny the allegations as “not at all remember to wear”.It has been released on disposal hold last month the 18th, investigation’s ongoing even now.

Music official “in Osawa side that day, the like has an alibi that plate to Kyoto, the question mark is attached to women’s testimony.Are “unjustified resentment theory” also been rumored by dating trouble with in some women.Osawa’s married, but such as is catch the affair of a popular female models in the past, I speak anyway I from popular among “.

Speaking of “quasi-rape”, and extend to the indecent act is to drink alcohol to student, is Masato Uchishiba defendant of judo Olympic gold medalist was indicted last month on the 27th recalled.According Metropolitan Police Department in charge of reporters at the time that “has been indicted, authorities are confident to guilty.Color totally reflect the inner bush was not observed, investigation officials are also angry with the “Futebuteshii guy”, “whether this man is gold medalist”, sure enough, that bail application on the inner bush has been rejected. “.

Osawa was also arrested in the same quasi-rape suspect, both incidents ersatz stuff.Still character of “quasi-rape” was arranged Gyogyoshiku in media coverage.To this, officials close to the Osawa is “really in trouble.Who watched the news in there will end up as “Osawa also what was rape”.Moreover, the person is not sufficient suspicion already released, everything is not even in this state to go if criminals.Still is a large three characters of the effects of “quasi-rape” which was reported once.When the innocent is confirmed, dropping the shoulder as big way I guess no choice but to appeal. “.

But that does not mean that the level second only to rape a “quasi-rape”, “equivalent to rape”, one shot of jail felony.may not go unless handled carefully also side that Hojiru.

※ The image is “The One” (Avex Entertainment)

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