1500 sheet poster of comfort women in Shinjuku and Shibuya, voice in Korea for the “well done”

August 30, it has been to tell the ad to sue the comfort women issue has been published in the US business magazine Wall Street Journal (WJ) in the “Korean full-time”, and found that the poster had been affixed 1500 sheets in Tokyo was.

And was made an ad sue the comfort women issue, and Mr. Korean singer Kim Jang-hoon, Seo Gyondoku Seishin (Sonshin) Women’s University Visiting Professor.The two men, a man of the ads that appeal Korean side sovereignty claim, has been published many times in the US media of Takeshima (Korean name, Dokdo).

Paste De-sa the posters in Tokyo the same thing as the advertisement was published in WJ, photos “DO YOU HEAR?” And a great character, women of the original comfort women are screaming asked to apologize to the Japanese government is combined be.However, text written under “DO YOU HEAR?”, Not in English is translated into Japanese, Japanese had become easier to understand.

Poster the cooperation of Korean students living in Japan, Shinjuku Nikake two days of January 3 to 4, Shibuya, 1500 sheets too in such Harajuku was De-sa paste.

Seo Professor, “I order to appeal to young people who do not know the existence itself of the Japanese military comfort women” for the poster plan in Tokyo and description.In addition, “when you posted the Dokdo and comfort women-related advertising, it is intimidation from Japan always right-wing organizations.However, it is not lost in this, fair and square pointed out the mistake of the Japanese government, was talking with going to continue to strive to bring out the world of public opinion, “and I’m going to work future also actively.

Mr. Kim Jang-hoon is on the Korean net work hard in order to “Korean right-wing should emulate Kim Jang-hoon,” “Korean government I think …. well looking good ends up singer that should do”, “Korean.Good luck! Have been many asked voice to cheer and “.

But, furious that “I think this kind of emotional approach lose eventually,” “Japan’s right wing is in, what will you do if you make a lot of posters that illegal stay there are Korean prostitutes in Japan?This poster I think the reverse effect, “” Korean people seen some people feel the resistance to the technique of comfort women’s saying feel that, “said Kim Jang-hoon and Soviet professor around the world.

On the other hand, Kim Jang-hoon and Seo Professor, plans to begin Paste 1500 pieces of the same poster in next week Osaka and Kyoto in the heart of.Next week, people in Osaka and Kyoto, might’ve been seeing and maybe this poster somewhere.

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(Sentence: Yumi Hayashi)

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