The applause in sushi Zammai president! Do original take of tuna 5,649 ten thousand yen?

January 5, in the first auction of the sushi chain store “Sushi Zanmai” is Tsukiji in Oma production bluefin tuna seems to have put the 5,649 10000 yen at record highs.
When you announced that it will provide this tuna in one consistent ¥ 398 ultra unprecedented, television, and became a big topic on the net.
5,649 and 10000 yen at tuna or what kind of things of, we have also tasted author.
I want to applaud the First “Sushi Zanmai” president was Seriotoshi.However, you can either be really 5,649 ten thousand yen of the original’s take? It is but a place to become the author of the gas.”Japan and does not work hard” and man January 5 wearing the all-time high, is performed first auction in the central wholesale market of Tokyo Tsukiji, Aomori Prefecture, Oma production bluefin tuna 5,649 million (per 268kg = 1kg 21 万I was dropped auction by the circle).
Exceed last year of 3,249 ten thousand yen a (342kg = 9 ¥ 15,000 per 1kg) significantly, it became a super-congratulatory prize price.
Was dropped auction is not a luxury sushi shop, “cheap and 24-hour” of sushi chain store of “Sushi Zanmai” and Kimura Kiyoshishacho.This 5,649 10000 yen at tuna is so provided by one consistent ¥ 398 in each of the Tokyo store.

Feat of sushi Zammai are featured on commercial stations of news and tabloid show, “Sushi Zanmai” has climbed to Google’s Hot Trends, Twitter trends.
The company’s official HP to focus access, it is enough to be a temporary connection difficult state.

Highest value of the first auction of Tsukiji the last few years, long-established luxury sushi shop “Ginza Kyubey” and Hong Kong sushi chain store “chef sushi” was dropped auction to the joint purchase.
The rumor of sushi industry, it is of “This tag faces the first auction in the stance of” budget may be over much, anyway the highest value. ‘”.
Enthusiasm of Kimura president you would edged to it, will was not easy task.
There is also a “Great East Japan Earthquake, I thought this should not and Japan bias is not work hard.
Put to hand the best tuna, I wanted to eat in your Japan rather than overseas. ”
From the words of the President that, I feel the hot soul.

(See: | from “J-CAST News to offer in Oma production bluefin tuna record highs 56.49 million yen” Sushi Zanmai “is” consistent 398 yen “”)

¥ 198 ultra unprecedented though it is 16,000 yen per consistently even at cost! Edible part of tuna it is said that 60% of the total.If you simply calculate the edible part 160kg in one story 10~20g, it will be 16,000 yen ~8,000 yen at cost.
But it, large Toro 398 yen of the regular price, and I called to provide at 298 yen middle Toro, lean 198 yen (all tax).

(See: | from “front chef until tuna is sashimi”)

Immediately, I also went to this tuna to taste.
Location sushi Zammai Shibuya Tokyu head office before shop, time 22:00.
It thinks already or sold out, there was still a large between the tuna.
Is bidding dropped on the morning of the 5th, tuna dismantling show is performed at Tsukiji head office of sushi Zammai, it’s to have been delivered from getting in the night to each of the Tokyo store.
Chef us this morning, heard this news, is so was rush from morning to the corresponding.

I was received by consistently one medium and lean Toro.There was a deep flavor than tuna that we have ever eaten.In particular, only lean and finely fibers, in the mellow taste, is regret one consistent and that finish eating.
By the way large Toro has not been delivered, it seems to have been providing only a limited store.

In addition, I tried than eat tuna and normal tuna of Oma production.Again richness is different.
According to the chef Aida’s Sushi Zanmai (30s men and hobby basking in the sun),
“Since the normal tuna Aru In frozen tuna that was caught in good time, Toro something of fat might be better of normal delicious.
But, I taste of red meat can taste the most raw, is uneven. ”
It was that.

Than frolic in Toro If accustomed to as a “trendy phrase to express the effect of red meat” your one Arasa, but it is what you want to talk about s gentle the effect of the “lean”.
I had taught the “nifty phrase to express the effect of lean” So the chef Aida who is a professional.

● “taste of red meat is in the unique astringent”

Well, indeed it is a professional representation.And “astringent” it seems to express the complexity of taste, including the iron.
During sushi date, let’s take advantage of to Bukkake-to-.

Is it really take to 5,649 ten thousand yen of the original?The sushi Zammai Shibuya Tokyu head office before shop, tuna of Oma is stock at around the 5th 19, I was sold out 23 o’clock.
For example, temporarily can matrix, it seems there was considerable attract customers.
Coverage on TV, news sites of the net, such as SNS reviews, if think it’s advertising expenses 5,649 million and whether it would not be enough of advertising effect came out.It is difficult circumstances that lead HP of access now.
And favorability rating of “Sushi Zanmai” to be able to also chivalrous appeal of president should rose at once.
“Highest value this year, by serving fished” from the president around when what had been decided that there is I is where you anxious.

You think this year I hope to activities of private companies that burns in Japan love.

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Written by Gokaminari-ko