South Korea is a founding to “Dokdo (Takeshima) away Ojima a dedicated fleet to protect” – Korean paper

January 6, 2012, according to the Korea paper, Dong-A Ilbo, South Korea faced the two countries and territorial problem during the day Takeshima (Korean name: Dokdo) and Socotra Rock: To strengthen the control over the (Korean name away Ojima) , is showing the movement to create a dedicated fleet.China paper, Global Times (electronic version) said.

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According to the National Assembly Special Committee on Budget and Accounts of Korea, of the “2012 government budget” which was established by the National Assembly last December 31, research budget of DAPA reached 500 million won (about 33 million yen).It is used to study the “medium- and long-term sea draft strategy” to enact to combat Japanese and Chinese naval buildup.That also included “defense of sovereignty” in the research.

Following this, also begin plans preparation of “maritime strategy strengthening plan for the defense of Dokdo and (Takeshima) away Ojima” is from 2013.The Committee of the person responsible for the “final goal is state-of-the-art Aegis destroyer two ships, Korea type destroyer three ships, patrol ship two vessels, consisting of two submarines” to create a “Dokdo-away Ojima fleet” I revealed the.That same fleet will be assigned to the Jeju naval base that completed in 2015.(Translation and editing / NN)