Adoring revelation of Takashi Okamura, it is cut from Tetsuro Degawa!

Takashi Okamura of Ninety – nine that ardent love of the 32-year-old woman of Este store management is discovered.
Last year, appeared Tetsuro Degawa In broadcast of December 29 “Ninety – nine allnightnippon of” is the guest.It has become a hot topic and Degawa for Okamura not clear whether’m going in this broadcast was a scathing sermon.

Degawa to Okamura attitude Kimekomu the silence to be being broadcast “Leave me alone me” is “I do what years the radio! Properly by Tsutaero to the listener!” Quite frustrated with as had been the climax studio rarely seen in recent years raised the voice me was showing.
Furthermore gradually while you continue to heat up, Degawa for Okamura who criticized the vulgar handle name of listener remark, “Do you have there is that the laugh in the sense of the word!”.Okamura completely in as was caught by surprise, “Well, you is whether! Can moderated THE · MANZAI” was a rebuttal like a child.Moment in this and laugh not exchange, studio of air was also one-act that hardens.

Originally Okamura and Degawa had fierce battle is waged in the program “disturbing Sunnaya! Me” longtime rival is known as among “Mecha Ike” But.
It is a manifestation of the fact that the more a long term relationship if Conversely, Okamura was also remark to the effect that you are disappointed in Degawa as “dead my favorite entertainer” when Degawa married.
Degawa Okamura that was once the criticism is in dire results in similar position, words became what was boosted against Okamura of love of tough stuff.
2012, Okamura to Degawa, and whether or not answer fans!