Difference between the president and consultant taught me how to Tomoko Namba of DeNA

It Tomoko Namba of DeNA president to resign the president, has become a hot topic on the net.Retirement of the founder president of the company’s performance peak form, yet the reason for that is the nursing of partners, it is rare in large companies of Japan would be the reason.

In fact, you may want to see you more than 10 years ago and Mr. Namba.Members of the founding of Monex and DeNA gathered several people, I sometimes drank in Akasaka.At the time, DeNA was core business is the operation of an online auction site called Bidders yet, but it is time to be with a big difference to Yahoo, it was struggling.Deficit has been going on Monex, it was when I was struggling in the start-up venture to each other.

Then, we see you a few times or give me a lecture on the Namba-san, but I understand is going to be grown as a manager you look to looking on by an outsider.

To be able to know the personality of your such Namba’s, But the column of this was published in Nikkei WOMAN online.

Interesting even read as purely essay, it is a quite excellent work.

It’s also hilarious story of diet competition, but it was the most impressive in this column, it is pointed out that the difference between the president and consultant.The time to became president in entrepreneurship when I was advice to business owners as a consultant at McKinsey, way of looking at things, how to handle people is I that it is reverse.

You say you are a consultant, you can see the ara of other companies, but the good thing about other companies and their look becomes president.I think certainly, for the first time, and I feel the difficulty in the management company as usual, we will continue the business as a matter of course to try to run on your own.Namba’s’m expanding the field of view through the work of two.

And it is pointed out that seems to be Mr. Namba Another difference, consultants should not look a fool, but the president that, do not unless it is stupid.

I must get help to people outside the company’s president of.To do so, you must be a “hanging man”.It is that the guy’s a fool, but I inspire that I’ll stand because it is cute guy.

When you say the President, it seems like a person you have swagger, you can do anything, but is the presence you have in mind always correct? Really be what you are doing actually lonely.In the management of Japanese people who are just stretched the bravado to hide it, what’s the courage and confidence that what you say the opposite!

I think Namba’s’s would stop the president, it is regrettable personally, but about how to read the thing and management philosophy of her, and want to hear the story by all means when you’re time.

It is a very surprising, but the book also I have not published a book of her own (I think writing request to have flooded from the publisher, but I’m sure …).