Viewers of sense and Zurezure! Sign of Shinsuke return in voice only appearance of the movie also published decision?[Topic]

Shinsuke Shimada, who retired from the entertainment world, but I found that has appeared only voice in the movie “a dog collar and croquette” to be published on the 28th of this month.Recording is thing that had been done before retirement, such as Comments and Osaki Hiroshi president of Yoshimoto Kogyo is hope the return of Mr. Shinsuke Shimada, heard many talk about him.
As following the remarks of Osaki president, has been in the mouth Tetsuo’s also Shinsuke’s return desired such as Itao Itsuji san and laughter rice.

On the other hand, viewers often voice opposition to return and say.Is referred to as a phone that “return is still early” was multiplied to 100 in Osaki president of comment on Yoshimoto Kogyo, a prominent voice of opposition, even on the net.

It is possible to see also a hot topic making for liven up the movie, rare even that deviate opinions with viewers so far.It’s August 23 of last year’s retirement press conference has been made.I wonder to return really Shinsuke Mr. Shimada?

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