Mouth only Bancho, Sawaue Atsuto Sawaue Investment Trust chairman

The Nikkei Veritas, market forecast of 2012, such as analysts and strategists had been posted.

Since it is almost that fits expected safe range of this kind, it is customary to that lack of interest.However, in part, “the letter safe Hey to my dictionary,” There are people that.Interesting for such people expected, I have seen it only.

1. Uno Daisuke Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Chief Strategist
The Are You a consistent dollar bearish, bullish yen Euro bullish market outlook.And a bearish to $ from a few years ago, certainly dollar of transition has been hit.

Indeed Uno’s told me also skip without disappoint this time.Sore not read chivalrous spirit, air that is consistent and has what hard instead of Yonin.

¥ 9000 (January), 7500 yen (October)

¥ 60 (October), ¥ 80 (January)

100 yen (January), 160 yen (October)

Average the $ yen in January is peak Nikkei, the expectation that the yen-stock prices continues until October.During expect many analysts the deployment of soaring, I am shines.

However, the phenomenal, the euro-yen rise … to 160 yen in October.Do What a bull in Dondake euro.October of the euro / dollar whopping about 2.67! ! ! And Hiroshi and say Domo world, expect people the euro / $ 2.6 with a straight face in 2012, I think the only Uno’s.

2. Ryōji Musha Musha Research representative
Is bullish in million years stock, there is also becoming established character that would be referred to as the “great your oracle” to say what he.It was still bullish forecast soaring even this time.

¥ 12,000 (December), 8500 yen (January)

¥ 75 (February), ¥ 90 (December)

¥ 95 (May), 110 yen (December)

Enough to nice to say when it comes to New Year and always, “Nikkei average + 40% and foreign exchange is weaker yen direction chart soaring” but some people to boast with, and what happens really.However, it is certainly a lot of people that happy If that happens.Should I become so, but ….

3. Sawaue Atsuto Sawaue Investment Trust Chairman
Million years is bullish muscle that forms the warrior and his matchless.Forever bullish.This time I have spread the applesauce enough surprised. Also Mr. warrior.

¥ 17,000 (December), 8500 yen (March)

76.8 yen (January), 90.7 yen (December)

102.8 yen (January), 127.5 yen (December)

Nikkei Is average 17,000 is or so yen.

Seriously Nikkei average 10,000, rather than believe that 7000 yen, because of the position that Don of retail active investment trust company, a large furoshiki is spotted like, Will positions talk general public is to be induced to buy the stock investment trusts.

Of course it’s a lot of pretty, but this is … a little too much to do.I, to exaggerate or Seriously, are good to sell about 100 million yen a call option of Nikkei average ¥ 16,000.Well Sawaue Mr. I will not buy in my wallet, I’m sure.& Nbsp;

Since Sawaue Mr. Mythomania are not that began in now, also is a selfish feeling.It is “only mouth Bancho” in the asset management industry.

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