I had to consult Takaoka Sosuke Aoi Miyazaki the “affair allegations” to mother

Last year the beginning of November, Futari a luxury Chinese restaurant of private room in Tokyo, has been reunited for the first time in about 4 months.Before a sumptuous cuisine lined up one after another, that duo talked about indifferently divorce.

Aoi Miyazaki put an end from June 2007 to four and a half years lasted marriage (26) and Takaoka Sosuke (29).In the wake of Takaoka of Twitter uproar, Two Girls cracks began enters the marital relationship, Separated is discovered last October.Then about three months December 28 after, I was finally led to divorce.

“In the discussion at the Chinese restaurant, to Takaoka to want again kun, seems Aoi-chan” to continue the marriage because it is impossible “did not budge an inch and” (entertainment officials)

Such Takaoka eventually, had agreed to divorce, but he is said to be the affair allegations of Miyazaki and V6 · Okada was reported in the “Shukan Bunshun” Junichi (31) was the cause, in order to hear the truth, Takaoka I asked the mother.

“For adultery was not consulted.Though the name was not revealed, because had said she “seems Someone”.”You do not know what to do” What a had vomited unusually muted ”

And, when asked their thoughts to Miyazaki, seemed to not be holding back, mother was trembling incense voice.

“If things like that they contain is still coughing, but it is adultery”

– Report from Miyazaki’s divorce?

“It is not at all …”

Finally I threw himself unilaterally beg son blamed.

Because there may be a “blue’s work, I think I’m the wind that broke up not he reach.I There is also a place a little clumsy, and because it is gentle child.Huh ~~.Since But Hoping.I want to ask you to support ”

Worried mother’s still continued likely.

※ women Seven 2012 January 19, · the 26th Issue