[From Asia! Breaking News] Taiwanese female students murder, face book is the closure of the suspect.

5 days at Taito-ku, Tokyo, in the incident that two Taiwan nationals woman was killed, face book of Chokokorozashi fried suspect in wanted me it was found that no longer can be viewed from the 8th afternoon.

Tokyo Kusasono went to Japanese school Taiwan nationals of female students, Hayashi Municipal san and Shu-ritsu show san in the incident that has been killed in dormitory of the school, the Metropolitan Police Department on August 8, ChokokorozashiAge of Taiwan cough went to the same school I wanted suspects.This incident has been widely reported in Taiwan media, it is reported the ChokokorozashiAge suspect as an important figure in the case from the beginning.Also.From the face book page of ChokokorozashiAge suspects, citing a photograph taken when you went to such profile image and Hayashi Municipal san and Tokyo Ueno Zoo, criticism of Internet users comments were also reported together.

However, the page of Chokokorozashi fried suspect at the time was viewable is no longer able to browse from the 8th afternoon after wanted announcement.Veteran of criminal about this, I speak with the suspect who received wanted in the past closed his blog and mini-blog, there were trying to escape the discovery case.

It’s ChokokorozashiAge suspect that such possibilities and suicide concerns of injury has been reported, but whether the Facebook is why closure, reason is not yet known.
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