AKB harsh than the general election!? Held “please! General election” of the lowest if forced graduation!

In TV Asahi popular variety “please! Ranking”, “please! General election” by ask warrior to serve the program navigator is to be held, was revealed in the same program of January 9.Please pink, yellow please, please Marin, please black, conducted a five popular vote of thank metal, that warrior forced graduation became the lowest, a sense harsh battle than “AKB general election” is the curtain drilled.

[Photo] just join in the winter of ’11 years of metal, black to graduation of crisis!

Same program receives a wish from the viewers that “I want to make this kind of ranking …”, and ventured a variety of location and research for each theme, has been broadcast every day the resulting original ranking.So far “gastronomic Academy” and “Choi plus cooking”, such as “Strike Music”, was born in popularity planning.

5 people facing the general election by a command called “ask warrior is to reduce because I too many personnel” from the “ask Great Satan”, the fashion and a little noisy sexy older sister is in love pink.Most healthy, soft cream yellow gluttonous that great favorite with the youngest.Graduation was ask blue twin sister, somewhere there is a dry atmosphere, little active marine than blue.Metal name as tightly serious “Android Warrior”.Slightly drag the bubble, adult black love good story of the economy.Red ask that do not participate in the general election, please Green, along with the pet’s nice rabbit, I’ve been to navigate various ranking information to this.

“Please! General election” is held until January 31 from today (Tuesday).In addition to phones vote, can vote in the ballot box that has been installed in the TV Asahi headquarters first floor atrium.January 13 (Friday), 20th (Friday), the announcement of the course the way in the program of the 27th (Friday), the final result will be announced during the broadcast of February 6 (Monday).Early New Year, the announcement of the shock that was issued from the program, must ask blue active duty warriors that was of course graduation earlier also turned pale.