The 2012 upheaval Japan 100 large notice to Rei Dan & Mitsuhiro Oikawa “Buchikire divorce”

In this year of showbiz, divorce rush likely to occur.Quagmire divorce drama of Yu Darvish and Saeko (25) also, greet finally reconciliation.

It was a tug-of-war is expected to “Major League cored.¥ 10 million a month just child support.It because is more than 2 billion yen up to children of adult.(22) if the definitive agreement even tied, faster divorce announcement “(Sasaki)

Other last year in July, it’s Mitsuhiro Oikawa Prince of character and Rei Dan former Takarazuka was a surprise marriage (40).According to Mr. Sasaki,

“Suddenly & ldquo; Separated marriage & rdquo; is referred to as the marriage was started in style, without having to see almost the essential of two-shot from before marriage, (23) already & ldquo; as it is called; & rdquo Kamen couple.No one surprised even if there is a speed divorce of the year ”

Disparities marriage & height difference called the topic in marriage Yaguchi Mari (28) also, is also threatened early.

“Still income not only different than one digit, Yaguchi is not good command of even the latest drying function with the washing machine, and leave the housework to her husband, to say it, recently showed up in place of alcohol in rural areas I have begun.From previous marriage, soon enough to loose ~ Lee only to type is Kudoka Drinking, (24) by the husband Masaya Nakamura is not funny even Buchikire “(entertainment reporter)

Also, Ryoko Hirosue married Mr. candle Jun (31) is strong even crisis theory.

Says Jun Mr. acquaintance.

“Completely Hirosue is raising children at the center work Mr. Jun is almost.With more influence comes to Jun’s work, are cold at the couple relationship.(25) I would like catastrophe verge to stay-at-home dad state ”

Finally or punishment 2.