In order that the nuclear power plant and children] Japan is not called irresponsible nation

The influence of the accident of Fukushima first nuclear power plant, seems to appear in children in a variety of forms.Also extends to the effect that not only children adult.Therefore, using the words of stereotyped as “innocent children”, it can not help wondering to debate only in favor children that “somehow case”.

But, to children not to attract the nuclear power plant, and neither necessarily caused the accident, and nor have supported the nuclear propulsion policy of Japan.Whereabouts of these responsibilities is in adults.Therefore, in the sense that adults wear a Otoshimae of nuclear accident, there is a duty to perform the generous care to children affected by the accident.

January 2012 dated 10 of Tokyo newspaper, was published an article called “55 schools elementary, junior distant normalization of integration and transfer study affected the three prefectures”.That the effects of the earthquake and nuclear accident “is elementary and junior high schools that no longer use the school building, Iwate, Miyagi, there a total of 137 schools in 30 municipalities in Fukushima Prefecture three, of which 55 schools are considering the consolidation and relocation” of it.

According to the article, the return to the original school building and grounds are only 82 schools out of 137 schools, 40 schools have not prospect of feedback is standing.36 schools out of the 40 schools’m prefecture of Fukushima school.The reason many in Fukushima, “there is a school in such warning areas and planned evacuation zone of the primary, for radiation dose is also high.”.Himself is not go to the familiar school that had been through, the feelings of children who do not forced to break up with your friends by evacuation, we will should imagine an adult.

In addition, Hebei Shimpo of the same date, in the “Fukushima children hurt heart Ten-en-change schools forced care posture urgent need” article that, in the nuclear accident, “children who were forced to evacuate, the mental stress of the students are serious” I have to introduce the current situation.That “will change pressure of living environment, not a few children become truant”.

“Leave the local in the nuclear accident, Ten-en to other regions, change schools was the prefecture of kindergarten and elementary and junior high school, high school students last year in September now, over a total of 18 368 people” is, “of which 11 918 people in other prefectures I asked a destination “.In the article, and have taken up a child’s case became the “withdrawal” or become truancy after accident.Against this situation, Nobuhiro Suzuki Professor of Fukushima Univ human relationship and home areas have been watching the “child has been divided by the nuclear accident.If Ika and adults work together, I have commented that “not fully correspond to children’s issues.

Is suddenly deprived of the house, deprived of Campus (Manabiya), many of the children who were deprived of their friends, it is possible to entertain the thought of “Why I ……” “Why I ……” the absurd status quo will allo.They had embraced “distrust of Japanese society and adults” can not be wiped off so easily.However, it becomes while things get worse if you have to stand such a situation.

Who of us adults are thinking of the children living environment had changed under the influence of the nuclear accident, by performing quietly within the range of possibility that you can, you must put the Otoshimae of nuclear accident.And once you neglect it, Japan is I think the author when it comes to that would be branded the “irresponsible nation” from the rest of the world.

(Shigeru Tanigawa)