Eight years later, the bride is coming from North Korea to many of the more than man China

January 10, 2012, Mr. GoWakagu (Wu Ruoyu), a prominent blogger in the freelance writer is a blog post that “after eight years will be coming to a large number of brides China from North Korea.” I was up in China blog site Phoenix Expo report.That in the current China number of men of marriageable age is 18 million people more than women.

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Although many countries that do not meet the 18 million people total population in Europe, it is in a state that much many men it is not possible to find a marriage partner in China, and companion in Vietnam that more women are the more than that for men are an increasing number of cases to determine the.Because it does not legislation of international marriage has advanced in China, even though can not be obtained legitimate marriage relationship even come bride from Vietnam, from cheap in recent years of economic exchange and expenses, Vietnamese bride increased are.

North Korea also has been the better of the woman is in many state than men in the same way as Vietnam, case to marry the bride from North Korea to this was almost no.The reason lies in North Korea seclusion state, when the government is in that severely limit the traffic of foreign private level, Mr. Wu pointed out.North Korea and in the surrounding Chinese border, and news is often reported that women who have fled has been arrested deported from North Korea, such as have been repatriated after “traitor” to handle the situation.This is also no way that woman that you want Totsugo to the original Chinese men come out.

However, when comparing the Vietnam Women and North Korea women, with more is Urizanegao of North Korea women, for example, pretty look as slender, and is matched to the taste of a typical Chinese men.Newly inaugurated the Kim Jong-un (Kim Jung Eun) regime is three to five years is likely to not open doors, “within nine years North Korea is swallowed in Korea” in Russia and is also referred to as.Therefore, when will increase a couple of North Korea women and men if China as circumstances change, Mr. Wu has been pointed out.(Translation and editing / Okada)