7% of GDP scale of Italy Mafia!

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Italy commercial, industry organizations such as the service sector “Confections cell Chen ty” is up to January 10, 2012, total revenue is about 140 billion euros of 2010 of the country in the Mafia, such as organized crime (about 14 trillion yen) I announced the report was.
Profit after costs at about 1 one hundred billion euros, and that corresponds to about 7% of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). The report pointed out that “Corporation” mafia “in the economic crisis (in Italy) only, but corporate entity with investment power”.Current assets, such as bank deposits you have a total of about 65 billion euros.About 65 billion euros breakdown of revenue in the top drug trafficking. Korikashi (16 billion euros), illegal processing (13.5 billion euros), such as industrial waste was followed by.

While Europe is struggling to debt crisis, in Italy, Mafia is increasingly seized power in the country’s economy.According to the SOS Impresa of the anti-crime group, now called Mafia has squeezed the funds of many small and medium-sized enterprises next to “bank” of Italy’s largest. As a result, a set of approximately 200 000 companies exorbitant usury and hands, while tens of thousands of people are estimated to have been lost their jobs, and end in is also related to the management of hospitals and nursing homes is said. See article More

And spend the illegal funds obtained from such drugs in real estate and business investment is carried out “money laundering”, total revenue is in 7 percent of gross domestic product, would not be a person you Tsubuseru anymore easy.In large companies from the employment number of people involved, is shalt fear organized crime.In Italy only in this scale, the United States there are a lot of family, and, combined the scale of the European countries, perhaps you are the economic activity comparable to the world’s leading companies.It is said to be related after all even in the current Italian president, Italy features also paralysis if eliminate them.A good example is garbage processing, a lot of industrial waste treatment facilities is said to be under the umbrella Mafia, in Iatari because they refused to process has been overflowing with trash. Past blog: ex-girlfriend of boss betrayed Mafia rounding Italy mafia raids Italy