Women became “husband” and again married, his wife also suffering “feeling does not change.”

Last year a woman living in the UK, that led to the marriage of the “sex” in the form, not think also depend.And became her partner and was sent a marriage get along nine years “husband”.One day, she knew the feelings that can not be hidden husband of “want to be a woman” and resolved to try Sasaeyo accept that feeling, two people I hear mentioned a second time wedding as “same-sex couples”.

According to the British newspaper, etc. Daily Mirror and Daily Mail, this couple live in the UK central city Halifax, Jane Watson’s ex-husband and 53-year-old wife Ann in 43-year-old.1995, Ann Meet found “Barry” san lonely-hearts ads.At the time, Ann that it was heartbreak experienced a divorce, deprived mind to his “great appearance, such as the boy”, he also is her to do so “completely attracted obtained” congenial of one.And began to live together through the dating of half a year, and married in 2002.But this time, “Barry” san was hiding a big secret to her.

It, desire to “want to be a woman,” you have had from young when.”Rather than the boys and football, it was usually to the girl and stone kick” from childhood that he is like renting a sneak clothes When going out mother, met the desire in the range of methods that can be.At the time, come back mother “Barry” Mr. speak as “became feel like sent back to prison” when he changed into his clothes, when growth is now buy women’s clothes yourself, town by the time go out to.However, at the same time he and transformation desire of women increases, a is reality even so was also effort to accept somehow men, out also lonely-hearts ads from that feeling, I mean that I met Ann.

Fortunately, find a great partner that Ann, has led to marriage as a man “Barry” Mr..However, the feeling that want to be women, even from married to her did not change.In the same way as a child, and Ann is go out dressed in women’s clothes, “I participated in the chat forum” is fully become a woman both.The appearance of such a husband, that Ann was also unawares began uncomfortable.And in 2008, Ann is heard from my husband, I knew his true feelings.

Introduction is not believe the story, Ann referred to as “thought what he is deceiving and plotting with another woman.”.Of further even know to be true is his story, was required considerable time to accept it.Since then, she and that gradually came to be thought of him, “Even if as husband had hoped to become a woman, my feeling is unchanged” and now I think, women husband it from It is so hardened the resolve to being together even become.

The husband was asked to understand the situation in Ann and sunny, advances the feminization due to hormone administration, name also renamed to Jane.And in order to ascertain the abiding relationship, the two people in 2011 was cited again wedding.

The “laughing hairstyle and clothes, makeup Toka story is that the” as a woman each other now so, how calm also completely their relationship.Jane’s original “husband” is, “I guys might think I’m funny man, gonna be important for me is willing to love a wife” talk to, the abiding trust for Ann are submitted.