Structure that is exchanged force the Japanese government bonds pulls people to the weak outlook in Japan Fitch contribute to stability

Rating agency Fitch was a weak sovereign debt rating outlook of Japan.

Long-term government bonds of the current (yen-denominated) rating is “double A minus”.

In its statement Fitch:

Value of the sovereign rating of Japan is under negative pressure.Is a debt snowball of the Japanese government and its cause.


Is that it has foreign exchange reserves of the world’s second point that sovereign rating of Japan is different from the high-debt countries other.


But on the other hand debt of Japan is increasing rapidly.Expansion of the debt as many as 56% of over 2012 at the end of 2007’s pace of deterioration terrible third in the world then with Ireland, Iceland.

Japanese government that it has Applications to access the savings of the Japanese people is another reason for the relatively high rating of Japan.

Do not miss the high points even in the world is the ratio of the public sector is burdened by the debt of the government.(About half of the stock of JGB)

This has provided serves to reduce the risk of Japanese government bonds holders to panic a self-immolative.

However, the household savings rate in Japan while still down from the early 1990s, has seen runned of household assets by the aging of Japanese society are related to this Fitch.I read more

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