And “surely lose weight!” Of Tanita cafeteria that president to assert secret?

“Marunouchi Tanita dining room” was opened in January 11.On the day of flooded many of mass media such as newspapers and television stations, such as all of the tickets in the business until 11:00 of the open time time runs out, was confronted by the popularity of height.

[Photo] this is “surely lose weight” reason! Side dishes of low-calorie, of course, he rice super low!

Same store, became a huge hit that was the menu of canteen of Tanita body fat meter, body composition meter manufacturer in this “fullness set meal – of canteen ~500kcal of body fat meter Tanita” is more than a series total 4.36 million parts Open In response to that was.The company’s Tanida president at the time it is opened, “if you can through a month, surely weight will fall” and declared, was confident to open the cafeteria.In fact, that the company employees who continued to use the canteen is, there are examples of successful 10kg near the weight loss.Whether the secret lies somewhere in the.

It One reason is the low-calorie.Menu of Tanita cafeteria can choose from two types of daily set meal (800 yen) and the weekly set meal (900 yen), “Piccata set meal of white meat” is open day daily is, weekly meal is “cold Buri and lotus root sleet boiled set meal It has been a “.Calories measure of one meal that this shop is listed is 500kcal.Actually “cold Buri and sleet boiled set meal of lotus root” is 577kcal, “Piccata set meal of white meat” has been a low 477kcal than it.

When this compared to the common eating out, McDonald’s Big Mac and Mac fries (M size), if you ate as a set Coca-Cola (M size), the total number of calories will also 1150kcal.Also popular Matsuya of cattle rice as eating out (average) is a 758kcal, original curry rice (average) is 705kcal, considerably higher numbers.Mostly one meal 800~1000kcal before and after menu, even compared to other family restaurants and cafeterias of table d’hote.

Are you achieve low calories, cooking method with a polite and Good.In addition to performing firmly cooking called “boil-bake without fried” basic and also say of diet, cut deliberately increasing the ingredients, cooked in a little firm.Were devised so as to obtain a feeling of fullness, satisfaction by biting firmly.In addition, rice molar yourself to bowl with a scale in the amount and guide 100~150g is, about half to 7 min after Zoletile injection of cup.You are effective to prevent too take carbohydrate.

Another reason is that overall the “health” theme, that you are stuck with “nutrient” necessary to weight loss.add greatly supplement 150~250g of vegetables vegetables intake 350g of adult Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare set, salt I have thoroughly weighing reduced to around 3.0g, etc..Of strong company unique in the field related to health, “the what, the how much eating” consumers I made a secure system that can grasp.

Also to the store itself, and commitment to go the opposite idea of ​​conventional stores.There is a timer that can be used freely in the store, it is possible to measure the time of meals.This has the aim of “I want you to go a meal over about 20 minutes for health”, coming to a store who has been recommended that you eat and chew slowly.Raise the turnover rate, it’s exactly the opposite of the method with the conventional way to increase the efficiency of the shop.

In addition, the hotel and the counseling room registered dietitian resides, such as thorough been numbered ticket distribution system of support to immediately open confusion, consumers effort of re-visit easy to create an environment also same store unique.”First of all I want through one month” as call is Tanida president and, “a reliable weight loss” effect likely be expected by continuing.

To be referred to as a “big hit this real cafeteria”, this shop of the technique too certain commitment.Like this, you can either be a big boom long, you want to focus.[Tokyo Walker]

Menu of calories as described ※ is, the announcement numerical value of each store has to reference.

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