The possibility of Kie Kitano “recovery nude”, which stalled in love scandal!?

Actress, 4th single of Kie Kitano that has been active as a singer, “Darl: orz” is released from Avex in January 18.Now work, it has become a upper rock tune that sang the adolescent girl’s feelings, part of the title “Darl” is, among the young people of the English-speaking world and is the abbreviation of “Darling”, that of boyfriend and that the points.Also Kita乃 The video clip, have appeared in dressed as rock girl blonde strumming an electric guitar.

Her black hair because of the image was strong until now, the impact of this video clip would be preeminent.And impressed the blonde, it’s work now that seems even to have sought to de-innocent school, but this makeover might need even actress.

“Kita乃, in the 2010 edition of the” expectation of actress ranking “that ORICON STYLE announced, Yuriko Yoshitaka, but had been Ranked # 4 is followed by Keiko Kitagawa et al., And appeared in blockbuster, headlines the media Compared to they of success had been, we are overshadowed slightly.Last year, Kita乃 drama starred in the “toilet of God” (TBS system), 16.1% in the Kansai region of 9.8% in the Kanto region but was recorded audience rating of (both video research survey) Domari.Drama frame from o’clock Sunday night 9 which was created as a centerpiece of the reform of the Fuji TV autumn “School” I’ve also appeared in (Fuji TV), was a single-digit average audience rating “(entertainment reporter)

Again Yoshitaka and cause drilled water to Kitagawa, would be twice reported obtained romance scandal in ’10.Kita乃 first in February, was overtaken sour strawberry hunting date with “Weekly Women” (Shufutoseikatsusha) Hayashi had appeared in the movie “Koshonin THE MOVIE” in Yato.Then, it is transmitted to have a catastrophe Hayashi for receiving the complaints quo tight from office.Although I’m glad if it fits in this only, drama “hammer session after the five months! “Photos from” Sleepover at the hotel “with (TBS system) Sano had appeared in such Kazuma to” street deep kiss “from being published in” Friday “(Kodansha).It was Kita乃 that had been declared as “work than love”, and that these scandal came to light, the public does not see her as innocent school, bashing began by turn.Street kiss pictures after published in “Friday” is released Memorial handshake meeting single “bouquet” has been performed, as compared with the scandal discovered earlier, the number of gathered fans are also reportedly 1 and 3 minutes.

Kita乃 you had dropped the popular twice of scandal in time to that will Katameyo the foundation as innocent actress.In order to fulfill the re-break, soon “take off” of the whether not “Weekly true story” (Nipponjanarushuppan) tell.

In in the article, Kita乃 the drama that became the catalyst for break “Life” (Fuji TV), suppressed the mouth with duct tape, has been showing off the figure to be shackled.At that time, the shoulder straps are displaced, it is as if for hard scene has also experienced such bra is exposed, not the also receive offers work has Sex in film if necessary.In addition, apricot Suzuki had been active as innocent school is the office of the Kita乃 are also belong, she also showed Sex in film in a Akutagawa Prize writer Kenji Nakagami original movie “contempt”.Therefore, Kita乃 is the same kind of literary works if to appeared in the original movie, that is likely to take off.

Entertainment life of Kita乃 that you are natural “still innocent school is, it is certainly’re stuck.For apricot Suzuki is a colleague of the office is looking at has attracted attention in “contempt”, if this remains also languished not fly without persists even as an artist as an actress, it may be decided to take off I do not “(entertainment writer)

Kita乃 that showed off a new figure in the video clip of the single to be released this month.Do blonde figure in the Hitokawamuke from innocent school, can reach to new ground.Future she might determined by the sales of this single.
(Statement = cocaine KenSaburo)

(※ Image: “Kie Kitano photo book” K twenty “” / crocodile than Books)

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