Jin Akanishi and Nishikido Ryo popular model and W Dating!? Wake the mysterious information was running around

Returned to Japan, just have succeeded with the Arc de events of the original KAT-TUN · Akanishi and Kanjani ∞ · Nishikido Ryo popular model and W Dating!? Such sightings floats, it is fuss a fan.Became the turmoil of the original, this tweet by public.

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“Original bytes ahead of junior is, a friend of junior and seemed saw Akanishi-Nishikido-Torindoru Fujii Rina Shibuya bowling alley or not me” handshake to Akanishi?After saying “” Now it was refused me because private “.When you try to go home and give up, word laughing is Torindoru “Is there not? And not to Anta something a handshake” What ”

This “Torindoru” and also appeared in the “pet of the coming-of-age ceremony” as a representative of the new adult the other day, that of Reina Triendl that showed off a sleek kimono figure.In half with a mother of Austrian father and a Japanese, enrolled in Keio University is also the (※ currently on leave) talented woman, it’s sought after popular model in such here recently variety show.

However, this W Dating, was actually witnessed that’s two years ago in the summer……. In as such past of story there is a reason to had spread so far.

“Two years ago the end, the” Jani Tsutomu Seki Jani ∞ “(Kansai) she I took part in turn cooperation when a guest appearance.In a scene that eat the crab with everyone, even though round-chan (Ryuhei Maruyama) was raised divided into small plates peeled the crab, why she first time Peel the shell on your own, ignoring it.where the air was about to become worse, prompt block to Ryo-chan (Nishikido) is “I can eat! “What I’s Nagon is fly from me to eat with a smile, but …….It was condemned rumbling even among Eita around recording marked ”
(Fan of Kanjani ∞)

This scene, actually spread is quickly among fans as “crab incident” but has not been broadcast, pattern had resurfaced above the witness information derived to it as “wicked episode of Torindoru”.

Speaking of “the year before last summer, around Ryo-chan and Fujii Rina was a nice touch.Torindoru I still in the like now one of the usual magazine model did not have name recognition, had Iribita~tsu to Akanishi corps and club.Is not It was a Hitoshi aim to partner, it has been rumored Maybe you there also was dating one time and other corps members “(same)

Through the years, the past of these you’ve erupted afresh while rumors.Tobatchiri of whether, or to own fault of whether ……? In any case, Akanishi, even for Torindoru also for Nishikido, only that it has become the image down elements mistake that seems.

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