“Enka founder Koreans” to topic

The 10th, reported a new news site “Searchina” and “Korea origin theory”, has become a hot topic in the net bulletin board.

According to the same site, the 3rd, President-Takagi Ichiro Japanese gloss song song Association documentary program that was broadcast in Korea appeared, “Enka is arose from Korea melody, Enka and trot is very similar are.Koga Masao teacher of Enka founder is a Korean virtually, remarks and gave the dream and hope in Japanese that was in despair after the defeat in the song “.That already in Korea of ​​net bulletin board has been asked a number of voices to sympathize with “Korea origin theory of Enka”.

In response to this news, “Is it stick to why origin up there” in the net bulletin board “of a plan to conquer the world?”Said a voice that amazed the people of the Korean stick to origin after another.On the other hand, “South Korea is whether to insist on what the origin of the next, Na’s attention” is also noticeable writing such, Korean origin claims I was already Ukagae is one side that is story of.

South Korea is Ya Akita dog to claim “Urijinaru” that it’s origin “Japan”, etc.
· “Pizza of origin Korea, Italy white apology” Voices embarrassment from Korean to US pizza chain stores joke CM

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