Former Aum Shinrikyo Hirata Shin and Akemi Saito suspect Sendai living conditions of

In executive of the original Aum Shinrikyo, Shin suspect Hirata who had fled about 16 years (46) December 31, appeared to the police, I was arrested on suspicion of the next day captivity lethal.In addition, Akemi suspect Saito of former members who harbored Hirata (49) was also arrested on suspicion of criminal concealment.

Two people from November 1995 was spent in Sendai.Saito works in Sendai city of Culinary Arts shop, I was living in an apartment that store is leased.

February 1996, but investigators have finally discovered the existence of this apartment, when I stepped into the room, the figure of Saito also was not there also the figure of Hirata.White paper pasted on the glass frosted on the door, had been closed all room curtains.Such Mebari is applied to a window of the bathroom, in the room that has been completely cut off relationship with the outside world, some other two sets of futon had left, also talk of the used condom found.

Saito is Hikiharai an apartment a few days before the visit is investigator, had quit and told over the phone only as “for reasons of personal reasons” to 3 months cooking shop worked.Was missed with a slight difference investigators us, elucidation of two of living conditions is as essential to the future of the investigation, the Kikikomi thorough around.

Some of the testimony obtained from neighboring residents, occasionally from the room that had been thought a woman living alone, the voice of men and women of life was heard – there was to those that.Killed press the voice is neither to be noticed around, still still leak two investigators the voice of “listening”, the figure defunct Hirata than is “seen”.

Says Hirokatsu Mr. Azuma journalist had hit at the time coverage.

When we hear the story of “believers from, Saito seems to have liked the Hirata that was me eagerly guidance as education clerk.If you still initially, it was asked, “Do not you have to escape support” from Hirata was once refused.Hirata at the time, to have been said to be the perpetrator of the Secretary assault incident, you’ll did not want to receive the Tobatchiri.

Then, I do not know whether there was a change of heart what, Saito began to act together and Hirata.Hirata takes advantage of her favor well, but Will was cooperation to escape life, it became immediately the relationship of men and women ”

And Saito, as the only clue to look for Hirata, continued to be marked by the police.

“The Saito has returned to the family home October 29, 1995 is the last.By a phone call to parents to appear the day before between for example, until blown into the answering machine “me watching”, not evidence that there was a contact to home from Saito “(investigation officials)

Relationship with the family also cut off completely, woman than is had invested himself in escape life with special arrangements of man sign in to post a think.

※ Shukan Post January 27, 2012 issue