200 000 visitors over two days in Korean gourmet Festa was held in Yoyogi Park! Voice of the “How can also look’d lie”

Was held at Yoyogi Park Event Square in January 7th and the 8th “Hallyu gourmet Festa Korean Gourmet Japan finals”.This event is an event that determines the Japan of Korean food, about 40 stores have been opened in the event.I have in the event that determines the Japan from its.Was shining in the 1st Korean Gourmet Japan finals Grand Prix Sundubu Lee Ja Kaya cafeteria Pojanmacha Ueno shop.Toka authentic Sundubu soup 880 yen is very popular in Ueno shop.Such events has announced that 200,000 visitors visited in two days, it has become a hot topic in the “Twitter” or bulletin board.To say that it has become a hot topic “amazing!” Rather than praise, such as, it seems suspicious to figure that this 200,000.Certainly tremendous number Speaking of 200 000 people.Was held at Tokyo Big Sight “Comic Market” 50 million people in three days.This is the Japan’s largest number.The “Tokyo Game Show” that has been carried out in autumn every year visitors from all over the world visited has become a figure of 200,000 people around every year (last year record high of 220 000 people).

He is very large voice that Hallyu gourmet events that took place in Yoyogi Park Event Square numbers of 20 million people too many.I tried to extract some its voice.

· Comiket average in the number of visitors (laughs)
· Is this at 20 million people in two days.Na amazing (Boyomi)
· Again visitors approximately 10 times inflated fake news Kita~a!
• 1 million people position Toka 200,000 wish I Okya announced me
– So I get such a ready-to-understand lie in what! Are written the opinion that number is more that if 200,000 people.However, even in the number of visitors that were made other events in Yoyogi Park Event Square I’d love to attention.”Tokyo ramen Show 2011″ collected 320 000 visitors, was also “Thailand Festival” held in Yoyogi Park is 300 000 visitors.Also a have obtained likely 200,000 Korean Gourmet Festival After you from this experience.

Hallyu gourmet Festa Korean Gourmet Japan finals
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