“Mr.Children, L’Arc ……?”Is rumored in Tokyo Incidents of dissolution announcement” next dangerous band “

Shiina Ringo band “Tokyo Incidents” is the 11th of this month, director of vocal, announced that it will be dissolved with a national tour of February.According to the statement of the members themselves, the dissolution that was decided more than a year.In fact, I think that the launch of the combined CD and related books to dissolution time, from that held the tour has been scheduled, a series of schedule was decided from the corresponding previous.

However, it seems to have been events of bolt from the blue for many music stakeholders.

“In the past, you may also be helped work of Tokyo Incident, but I was surprised very.Because, it is though it is clear that more of the solo sell than Tokyo Incidents, it was have to continue with the band activities, because there was a strong intention of Shiina Ringo own.EMI Music belongs record companies, but in the real intention should I wanted to concentrate on solo, was the impression that support at Swallow the intention of the person “(events company staff)

As the reason for the dissolution, there is also the direction that talked about such as “that drummer was arrested last year” and “discord between members” is on the net.However, in the first place only to a strong band of solo project specific color of Shiina Ringo, it would have also possible to continue to replace the members.Truth of dissolution, it’s likely to say that only herself knows.

When overlooking the music world, bands that are whispered a “dissolution theory” is not a few.Speaking of the largest, it’s Mr.Children you have announced the release schedule of the best album the other day.

Dissolution theory of “Mr.Children will come out every year about the last five years.And the like as reason, the low level of playing ability of members, the theory that Sakurai vocal is hoarding the stress.In fact I good relationship between the members, but similar industry people who know the inner workings of the Southern All Stars, which is said to have led to the hiatus in the reason, I will have a surface that is trumpeted worried.”Kuwata’s had a hard time too take care of members.And Sakurai’s also better to broke up with Mr.Children early “.Of now there realistic scenarios are those that Mr.Children is independent soon from Toys Factory belongs record company, to pause temporarily band.It also serves as a refreshing, Sakurai is there a possibility to start a solo career “(music office officials)

On the other hand, in spite of the dissolution theory to time and again appeared, it’s L’Arc~en~Ciel and that is said to “not disbanded absolutely”.For them, in order to prevent that the tension between members increases, the famous talk of solo activities are organized on a regular basis.The more there is also the voice of the “longer than say band, ambitious project team” (supra office officials), the “organizational management” I have thoroughly.In order to continue the long-standing band, also seems necessary devised that does not rely on human relations only.
(Statement = Shibata courage)

※ The image is from Tokyo Incidents official HP

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