Erotic too popular girls Ana of sexual harassment “Case Files” (3) Konno Asami, Rio Hirai, Yoko Shono

7th, the TV Tokyo of Konno Asami Ana (24).Original “Morning Musume.Members great fanfare by the tele east entering in “would be too late no need explanation.However, Kozu Demon multiple-.
Yakkami is secondary from “senior Nde was joined by being too pampered.Was also reported that “super skinny” was that during the training is Yarasa such as lunch buying.On the other hand, aura is in bashing of interest in the net and no “(net writer Okawa true 也氏)
And as early has been a male dating to the press story.August, was holding the lovey-dovey shot in public men and subway in the senior of Keio University.
“What men in half cohabitation, also emerged one o’clock pregnancy and marriage theory.Though he’s a student is a commonplace to liquidation, what eaten unexpected face.It is a completely floating state in stations for the.Work of bra and Cleavage fully open also Yarasa, future, may be also leaving Once out scandal “(evening newspaper reporter)

Fuji TV Hirai Rio Ana (29) 8 glance.December, but judoka of Masato Uchishiba suspect is gold medalist has been arrested by the Metropolitan Police Department on suspicion of quasi-rape, it’s Hirai Anna was being talked about the relationship with his.
During the World Judo Championships “’09, Hirai Ana had come to interview send-off party.She was wearing a judo, but the inner bush created a Landry, I touched her tits.Then, whether it is I seem to have been taken to drink force, was really okay.Hirai Ana also been this close-up, might be good junk “(Sports officials)

9 glance the same Fuji TV show bread that Yoko Shono Ana (27).She is dating and synchronization of Mitsuhiro Nakamura Ana reportedly, was out even one o’clock marriage theory.
“Show bread, I was aimed at” cum “Sase Kotobuki leaving Nakamura Ana.But, the “in-love five-game losing streak,” from about ’11 years spring, I began to say profusely in the program.Apparently, a theory that has been “fled to spear” Nakamura Ana has cast Man “(before de Fuji TV officials)
And is seen and its cause, and Toka he is in the Kato Ana at the beginning of the co-starring in the current “Mezamashi TV”.
“Nakamura Ana seems swung over the approach to Katopan.But, Nakamura Ana re-attack of your heat to Katopan.Show Bread knew it, began jerky with Katopan not only Nakamura Ana.I from Big and big mouth of Katopan is not released in the grasp eagle a man of erotic mind “(entertainment officials)

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